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What should you know when choosing a Locksmith?

There comes a time in life when you find yourself in dire need of a locksmith. At such times, you will look to any place that promises to be the light at the end of the tunnel. Unfortunately, there are very many people out there parading themselves as professional locksmiths when all that they are indeed out to do is waste your time and dupe you of your money. How then, will you ensure that you are handing over such an essential task to the right person? Here are some steps that can make the difference between frustration and satisfaction.

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It never hurts to have the right connections at hand, and with locksmiths, references are indeed a blessing. Contact the people around you to give you information about the locksmiths that they have come across as well as their experiences. Whether you need the locksmith right away or you are saving the contact for future use, a referral will help you regarding time and money.

If you are unable to get a referral from the people close to you, contact your service provider. Insurance companies keep a list of reputable locksmiths, and they will happily divulge this information to you. Some companies even go a step further by providing you with locksmith services, thus taking the burden off your shoulders.

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Ensure that the locksmith that you choose possesses a license. The beauty in hiring a locksmith who has a permit is that you get a locksmith who underwent an extensive background check. A license also means that you are dealing with a locksmith who has the right kind of skills required to get you out of your fix.

You would not wish to hire an unlicensed locksmith who is just out to make a quick buck. Such a locksmith would most likely end up causing damage to your locks while trying to get you out. They could cause damage to your locks, making it impossible for you to get out until another locksmith comes to the rescue. Some of the unlicensed locksmiths in the market sell information to burglars, and this can put you at a risk of getting robbed.

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If you are looking for a locksmith online, you can find reviews about their services on online sites. These comments can help you know what previous customers have experienced and can go a long way in helping you decide if the locksmith is a suitable hire. If you got the locksmith’s contact from someone you know, ask them to tell you about their experience. The chances are high that you will get the same services that previous clients have received.


When dealing with a locksmith, anything can happen in the process. Suppose your lock gets damaged in the process, it would be an added expense to you which you could have avoided. The surest way to avoid taking liability for any accidents that happen as the locksmith works on your locks is to ensure that the lock and key repairer has an insurance cover.

Request to take a look at the locksmith’s insurance cover and if they refuse to let you see it or they do not have one, do not hire them. A good insurance coverage should cover the locksmith for any accidents that could occur to them during work, and it also extends to the protection of your property. In this case, any damages to your property that result from the locksmith’s job will be covered by their insurance company.

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An added way of protection is through the use of bonding. In this method, the locksmith will be required to offer you a guarantee of reimbursement in case of any damage to your property. This amount should be agreed upon before the locksmith begins working on the lock. Most locksmiths belong to associations which can give them money required for the reimbursement. If you get a locksmith who is insured, licensed and bonded, you will have protected yourself against incurring additional costs in the process.

The need at hand

You need to get the right person for the job. Different locksmiths have specialized in different areas so knowing who to call at such a time will come in handy. Start by assessing the situation at hand. Did you accidentally lock yourself in your house? This assessment will help you call the right person right away as opposed to calling different locksmiths as you try to get directed to the one that can come to your aid.

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If you have found locksmiths who meet all the requirements, all that remains is to find one whose price is friendly to your pocket. Get estimates from various locksmiths and compare them. Avoid locksmiths who charge too much money for their services as you will end up getting the regular service at an inflated price. Also look out for locksmiths in Armadale whose rates are too low when compared to other locksmiths as they might be undercharging because their services are not excellent.

If there is a locksmith with a flexible payment method, opt for that one as it will be more pocket-friendly in the long run. Steer clear of any locksmith who insists on getting paid the full amount before conducting any work as they could take your money and flee.


Other key things that you need to look out for are the level of training of the locksmith, their years of experience, their level of professionalism and their geographical area. Avoid getting a locksmith who lives far off as they will take a long time to get to you in the event of an emergency, you can always find local providers in the yellow pages.

Since it is not possible to undertake all these steps in the case of an emergency, it is wise to get a good locksmith’s contacts and keep them close. During a crisis, you will not have adequate time to go through a locksmith’s credentials, and you could end up hiring a fraud. Make the necessary steps today and save yourself from the frustration that an unscrupulous locksmith can bring to your life!

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